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Sandler Training | Van Nuys, CA

Meet Our Team

We strive to be the best at what we do, and help you to do the same.

Douglas Kolker


Douglas Kolker was the founder of a hugely successful, nationally recognized sales promotion/marketing services agency. Despite the money and the success, Kolker was always frustrated by the constant arm wrestling with prospective clients. He never understood why some bought and some didn't, and it bothered him. It bothered him to the extent that he felt he had to revolutionize his approach to selling.

Carrie Pobre

Carrie brings over 20 years of C-suite selling to her Sandler training and advisory work. Her experience combines national brands and B2B2C online sales to help with Millennial and Generation Z buyers. A true strategist, Carrie looks at the entire sales experience addressing outside sales, inside lead generation and customer success teams.

Lenny May

Lenny is an expert communicator with a BFA from the University of Miami. She's a warm, likable person who's enthusiasm for helping her clients move forward and grow is contagious. Whether it's role playing, networking or leading her clients with care and insight through the Sandler system, Lenny is sensitive to the specific issues and needs of every company she supports and works with.

Originally from NYC, Lenny has lived in LA for over 30 years, and has two terrific "grown up" children.

Sandler Books

The Sandler library of books includes two Amazon and Wall Street Journal best sellers, as well as the best-selling sales classic for any sales book ever.