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Sales Tips & Insights

Sandler sales tips and insights

Learn How To Sell

Douglas Kolker on Sales Challenges for Professional Service Providers

Sandler’s Professional Advantage® offers a proven and refined approach specifically designed for professional service providers who need to learn how to sell to build their client base and overcome common stumbling blocks to success, including...

  • Doing too much unpaid consulting
  • Not knowing how to ask a potential client for a commitment
  • Discomfort discussing money issues

Setting Expectations with Prospects

Douglas Kolker on How to Ensure You Get a No or a Yes from Your Prospects

Learning, developing and mastering new skills and behaviors takes time, practice and guidance, and that’s exactly what you get from our sales training. With Sandler Training you’re not alone. Your Sandler trainer is at your side providing coaching, encouragement and feedback as you learn to apply our proven sales strategies and tactics to your business environment.

Out of the Rough

Douglas Kolker on Training and Recruiting Sales People

On this edition of Out of the Rough, Fred Arnold welcomes Douglas Kolker to the program. Douglas, president of Sandler Training, extends his knowledge in training and recruiting salespeople to viewers.

Customized Training Solutions

Sandler on a Process for Selling to Enterprise Accounts

The enterprise selling environment is complex, challenging both buyer and seller teams with wider, more diverse networks and more intricate interactions than traditional sales. Hear Sandler CEO Dave Mattson describe Sandler's customizable six-stage enterprise selling program, the only complex sales training that gives teams the tools and skills they need to identify, pursue, win, retain, and grow profitable enterprise accounts.